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Business Review Session

Identify Opportunities for Increased Profit.

Business Review Session

Our personalised business review session will help you identify the exact challenges you're facing and pinpoint the root causes of your profit losses.

We'll then work with you to develop a customised plan of action to address these challenges and improve your company's overall performance.

In today's competitive business landscape, having a clear and effective plan is essential for achieving success.

But where do you start?

We understand that as a business owner, you're looking for practical strategies and actionable tools to drive growth.  Our business review session is the perfect solution for you. In just 4 to 6 hours, we'll help you to:

  • Identify the exact challenges you're facing
  • Pinpoint the root causes of your profit losses
  • Develop a customised plan of action to address these challenges and improve your company's overall performance

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One session of 4 to 6 hours.

During the business review session, we'll closely examine 11 key areas of your business, including:


Strategic Areas

  • Personal Vision
  • Business Vision
  • Strategy
  • Goals and objectives
  • Structure and Technology
  • Performance metrics

Operational Areas

  • Products and services
  • Sales and marketing
  • Finance and expenses
  • People
  • Systems
  • Processes


We'll use this information to identify the areas where your business is losing money and develop a plan to improve your profitability.

By the end of the session, you'll receive:

  • A written document with all the notes from Session 1
  • A  document with the results of the business review (covering the 11 key areas)
  • A customised proposal of actions to address your challenges

Our goal is to help you achieve your business goals and improve your profitability.


What Our Clients Are Saying

Transformative Long-Term Partnership

The commercial acumen available through BBCS is outstanding and they have been invaluable in producing a strategy to detangle me from the owner operator role with a goal to enjoy more personal freedom.

It goes without saying I have no hesitation in recommending anyone talk to BBCS about their business strategy goals and roadmaps to achieve them. In fact I would actively encourage business owners who wish to re enforce their business foundations to reach out to  Andy and Susana.

Access to people with this calibre of commercial experience and knowledge in a small business community is truly a rare thing.

We look forward to working with BBCS far into the future.

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Richard Curran

Strategic Guidance & Hands-on Support

We were keen to get clarity on our process and knew that we needed professional guidance to help us to map out our day to day & monthly activities that was necessary to grow the business.  

We had a lot of gaps in our business structure and had no real strategy to work towards across all our services.    

Having worked with Andrew & Susana over a number of weeks and with their expertise  we now have a clear vision of our business goals and objectives across all our services.  We have a focused plan to work towards.

We have implemented a number of changes in our processes that Andrew & Susana have recommended and can see the benefits both for the business & our clients already.

With Andrew & Susana’s professional guidance and direction we now have a clear understanding of how important it is to have these processes in place to and to have a firm plan to work towards & implement, we would no hesitation in highly recommending BBCS and look forward to working with them again in the future.


Celene Collins
Creative Director & Owner