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Fractional Director Service



Experience Senior Leadership at a Fraction of the Cost

Are you a small to medium-sized business looking to elevate your strategy, drive growth, and improve efficiency, but can't justify the cost of a full-time senior executive? Our Fractional Director service offers you the expertise and leadership of seasoned business directors at a price comparable to an entry-level employee.

Why Choose a Fractional Director?

Cost Effective

Gain access to high-level strategic thinking and management experience without the overhead costs associated with a full-time hire. Our Fractional Director service provides your business with top-tier leadership for a fraction of the cost.

Flexible Engagement

Our service is designed to fit your specific needs. Whether you require part-time leadership, project-based expertise, or interim management, we offer flexible engagement options to suit your business.

Immediate Impact

With over 20 years of senior management experience, our directors bring a wealth of knowledge and a proven track record of driving business objectives, improving operational efficiency, and implementing successful growth strategies.

Benefits to Your Business

Strategic Growth

  • Tailored Strategies: Develop and implement customised strategies to drive business growth and achieve commercial targets.

  • Business Development: Identify profitable growth opportunities and optimise your business processes.


  • Process Improvement: Streamline your operations and improve efficiency through expert analysis and process enhancements.

  • Change Management: Successfully navigate organizational changes with experienced leadership and strategic direction.

Marketing & Digital Transformation

  • Digital Strategy: Develop and implement digital strategies to enhance your online presence and lead generation.

  • Marketing Expertise: Leverage advanced marketing strategies, including digital marketing, CRM, and social media to increase customer engagement and retention.
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Meet Our Fractional Directors


Andrew Walker

With a background spanning multiple industries and international markets, Andrew Walker brings a hands-on, results-oriented approach to leadership. His experience includes:

  • Travis Perkins (UK): Developed marketing strategies that grew retail and trade stores significantly and launched a successful digital lead generation programme.

  • Office Depot EMEA: Led the introduction of a new furniture brand and executed cost-saving initiatives resulting in substantial savings and increased brand penetration.

  • BBCS: Co-owner and Director, supporting small businesses across Ireland to identify growth opportunities and implement effective strategies.

Susana Marambio

A strategic marketing and communications expert with over two decades of experience, Susana Marambio excels in driving business growth through innovative marketing and digital transformation. Her experience includes:

  • Office Depot EMEA: Developed and implemented Pan-European marketing strategies, achieving substantial growth in private brand penetration and new product launches.
  • Antalis Ltd: As Marketing Director, introduced inbound marketing and digital transformation projects, significantly improving customer acquisition, retention, and digital presence.
  • BBCS: Co-owner and Director, implementing Account-Based Marketing (ABM) strategies and supporting small businesses in achieving growth targets.